An Exploration into Modern Evolutionism

By Gary Monahan, author and webmaster

The most essential section of this “ever-expanding” website (just like you and the rest of the universe) is available only as a downloadable E-book with a format that’s fully compatible with all mobile devices for a one-time cost of just $2.99 at  Now you can conveniently participate in this ongoing adventure of which you are an inseparable part from wherever you want to.  The price includes all future updates along with a lifetime membership in our cyberforum, so your input will always be welcome here as we continuously interact with each other through posts (unlike a dust-gathering paper book, I’ll be actively supporting my readers).  And the subject itself assumes a changing world, so let’s continue to learn and experience it all together, having realized that our journey through evolutionary time will never end!

The Evolutionist Philosophy and its application could help make your life complete like nothing else, so just give it a try: it’s time to satisfy that longing you’ve had to make true sense of it all in your own way.  Here’s the chance to develop the kind of resilient, adaptive life satisfaction by properly directing your self-interest, which can take you to a state of being you never thought possible.  If the universe was born of evolutionary potential, then so were you, it’s in your DNA.  You’ll discover that the new positive habits from your infinite identity will continue to build upon themselves with the goal of advancing yourself toward an updated vision with this lexicon:

                       Undeveloped                                                                         Evolved

                              stagnant                                                                                   dynamic

         imaginary                                                                                 provable

          constants                                                                                  principles

            form                                                                                        essence

             separate                                                                                    connected

                               finality                                                                                      continuity

              limited                                                                                      unlimited

            finite                                                                                          infinite